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Suzhou Wista Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED wallpacks, LED shoeboxes, LED canopy lights, LED high bay lights, LED flood lights, and LED explosion proof lights

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  • Phone: +86-21-64401165
  • Fax: +86-21-64850944
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    No.120, East Chenfeng Rd., Yushan, Kunshan, Jiangsu, China
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Company Profile
Wista Lighting develops and manufactures industrial and outdoor light fixtures that include LED wallpacks, LED shoeboxes, LED canopy lights, LED high bay lights, LED flood lights, and LED explosion proof lights. These products are engineered in line with the highest level of specification grade requirements to ensure high efficacy and photometric qualities over their long life. Wista is committed to delivering a lighting solution where aesthetics, performance, reliability and energy efficiency are all in perfect balance. Wista's products are designed for applications where aesthetic appeal is as important as the illumination. With sleek form factors and refined aesthetics, Wista's exquisitely fabricated fixtures offer a sophisticated touch that is sure to perfectly complement a building's architectural details.

Wista's success has been built on its entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence. The quality line of its energy-efficient luminaires are manufactured in the company's modern, integrated facility in Suzhou, China. Equipped with key capabilities in thermal, electrical, mechanical and optical engineering through advanced manufacturing systems, Wista Lighting brings to the market a stream of product innovations by leveraging its forward-thinking sustainable technologies. For those safety and total cost of ownership are of paramount concern, all Wista's products are UL and DLC listed to provide failsafe reliability and qualifications for utility company rebates and tax incentives.

Since 2008 Wista has been at the forefront of maintaining a true balance of innovation and practicality. The company's dynamic in-house team specializes in bridging the gap between innovative design and product realization. Its sophisticated infrastructure delivers manufacturing excellence and ensures full control of the production process. Backed by a dedicated sales force with the highest commitment to service, Wista transforms your conceptual visions into affordable and unforgettable lighting experiences.
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